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In India, Coronavirus Fans Religious Hatred

NEW DELHI — After India’s health ministry repeatedly blamed an Islamic seminary for spreading the coronavirus — and governing party officials spoke of “human bombs” and “corona jihad” — a spree of anti-Muslim attacks has broken out across the country.


NIO Completes 1 Millionth Battery Swap

NIO announced that the cumulative number of its EV battery swap service in China – NIO Power – has reached 1 million, as of October 5, 2020. That’s two times more than in May 25, 2020, which gives us a glimpse of how quickly demand for this service grows. Since Spring, NIO also expanded the…


Company pushes forward meat-free options

A leading food brand is offering a free food initiative for people in Carlisle and north Cumbria, as part of an incentive to promote more adults to take up a meat-free diet. Fry Family Food Co. is offering a year’s supply of chicken nuggets for meat-lovers in Carlisle but there’s one catch – they have…

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