Clarks will swap new kids shoes that don’t fit for a free pair

Low section view of five school children sitting on brick wall wearing school uniform

Kids tend to grow out of their shoes very quickly (Picture: Getty Images)

Depending on when their next growth spurt is, it’s possible that your little ones will have grown out of their new school shoes by Christmas.

This could cost you a fortune depending on which ones you go for, which is what Clarks clearly had in mind when they were creating their new offer.

As part of their back to school guarantee, if you book in with a fitter and buy shoes with them now, you’ll get their fit guarantee.

This means if they grow out of them at any time between now and 28 Feb 2021, you can exchange them (sizes infant 10 upwards) for a completely free pair.




Infant sizes 7 to 9.5 also have a guarantee, but this is slightly shorter – lasting until 30 November 2020.

Shoes must have been purchased between 13th July and 14th September 2020, which leaves you plenty of time to get them all kitted out before school starts again.

When you come back with the too-small shoes you’ll need to show your proof of purchase so keep that handy.

The fitter will then measure your child’s foot against their old shoes to confirm they no longer fit and allow you to pick a new pair of the same value.

If they have no shoes of the same value, you’ll be issued a refund.

It does have to be done in conjunction with a shoe fitting, so make sure you don’t just buy a pair of shoes and expect a new pair when they’re too small. You can book one of these here.

Given how expensive back to school shopping can get, it’s nice to know you aren’t throwing money down the drain on something they won’t wear in a few months.

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