Company pushes forward meat-free options

A leading food brand is offering a free food initiative for people in Carlisle and north Cumbria, as part of an incentive to promote more adults to take up a meat-free diet.

Fry Family Food Co. is offering a year’s supply of chicken nuggets for meat-lovers in Carlisle but there’s one catch – they have to pledge to swap their favourite meat dish for a plant-based alternative once a week.

The company announced the initiative after revealing that eight in 10 adults found swapping to a meat-free diet far easier to adapt to than they could have ever imagined.

A survey by the vegan food company showed 46 percent of meat-eating adults have tried to follow a vegetarian or plant-based diet at some point in their lives, with a fifth admitting they’d like to try it again.

Following the findings, Fry’s is encouraging people to make easy swaps to plant-based alternatives, by offering one lucky local in Carlisle the chance to win a year’s supply of its renowned Meat-Free Chicken-Style Nuggets. Packed with plant-powered protein, the delicious nuggets have gained acclaim with meat-eaters and vegans alike, for its meat-like taste and texture.

Tammy Fry, director at The Fry Family Food Co, said: “It’s great to see that so many people are willing to try out a plant-based diet. It’s never been easier to introduce meat-free options into your diet, however it’s important to realise that you don’t need to make a complete change to your lifestyle overnight.

“It doesn’t have to be all or nothing – simply start by introducing meat-free alternatives once or twice a week. Before you know it, you might be preparing and cooking plant-based meals every day!

“We know that sometimes people need a helping hand to make a change in their diet. That’s why we’re giving away a year’s supply of our chicken-style nuggets, so meat-lovers in Carlisle can enjoy a tasty plant-based alternative at least once a week. Our nuggets are great for snacking and enjoyed by kids and adults alike, so make sure you share!”

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