Galore Pro Islamic account | Swap free trading with Galore Pro

Galore Pro Islamic account | Swap-free trading with Galore Pro

Galore Pro forex broker that has operations across Europe in English and soon Russian and German

Their website was launched in 2019 going more for the clean and informative look, this Galore Pro is a very innovating broker, they always look how to optimize their trading experience and tools they are offering.

in this Galore Pro Review, we will show you that this is a good brokerage for clients that look to trade in cryptocurrencies and want to start the right way. due to the options, they offer in trading platforms traders of all levels are able to trade there.

Galore pro

Besides their İslami hesap, they also have a very good demo account.

the best thing here s that the demo account is automatically created at the moment you make a registration, so there is no additional process for this. within their webtrader, you have the options to instantly switch between the real trader and demo trader for your convenience.

Galore pro Trading Platforms

There is Metatrader 4, which does not really require any introduction. Most brokers have this platform among the platforms they offer to their traders.  It's pretty much the standard of the market for and has been for the last 10 years.

And they have another trading platform which is their web trader and an easy intuitive trading platform with a very small learning curve but suited to traders of all levels.


After joining the community of traders the advantages of using of WebTrader network from Profit-Trade will be opened for you:
  • Open a position with the web broker and close it inside of the Metatrader platform
  • Access from any PC, Mac or Linux workstations
  • Incorporated electronic diagramming
  • WebTrader platform
  • A huge number of financial instruments
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Quotes in real-time
  • Monitoring the status of accounts and trading desks
  • Graphs of various time periods, with the possibility of printing
  • A large number of technical indicators and tools
  • Ability to use custom indicators and automated trading programs

Galore pro webtrader

Account Types & Spreads of Galore pro

Galore Pro  offers different account types.

Educational ($250 minimum deposit limit),

Standard ($2500 minimum deposit limit),

Premium ($15.000 minimum deposit limit),

VIP ($40.000 minimum deposit limit),


Galore Pro Trading Accounts

Galore Pro trading conditions

Kaldıraç is up to 1:400 but this depends on the type of account you are trading with.

This broker is looking to accommodate most traders while aiming for the experienced traders.

the service and customer support is adequate till good, this could always be

I like their MetaTrader 4 and how straight forward the entire operation is, you see what you get and they are young and energetic and you feel this when you are dealing with them.




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